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About us

IRBM Research and Development


IRBM Science Park represents an important instrument at regional, national and European level to foster knowledge-based economy.

IRBM and affiliates operate within its proprietary Science Park, ex Merck Research Laboratories. The Science Park extends over 70,000m2 with over 22,000m2 of cutting edge laboratories.

The Science Park is the ideal incubator for innovative start-up companies looking for an all-inclusive access to cutting edge R&D platforms in an industrial setting. Furthermore, the Site Services and IT teams take care of all standard and specific company requirements.

17th Annual Drug Discovery Summit 2016


We are present at the 17th Annual Drug Discovery Summit 2016 13/14-06-2016, Hotel Palace Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Gordon Research Conference


We are present at the Gordon Research Conference - Key Interfaces Between the Nervous System and the Rest of the Body ...


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