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About us

IRBM Research and Development

The privately owned IRBM Group, a diversified industrial group operating within the biotech and pharmaceutical sector, is composed by IRBM, ADVENT and the CNCCS Consortium. IRBM is the parent company dedicated to innovative preclinical drug discovery and development in areas of high unmet medical need, including neurodegenerative and rare and neglected diseases.

 Delivering value to preclinical drug discovery and development partnerships. Our team of experienced scientists has a proven track record. 

Areas of particular expertise include fully integrated small molecule and peptide-based drug discovery, peptide-based vaccines, ADMET optimization and biomarker development.

In particular we relish the challenge of poorly druggable targets.

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BIO International Convention 2015


We are present at the BIO International Convention, June 16-18 2015, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

EU & National Projects


Click here to learn more about our EU and National Projects!


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