Gordon Research Conference 2016

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We are present at the Gordon Research Conference – Key Interfaces Between the Nervous System and the Rest of the Body in Health and Disease 19/24-06-2016, Colby-Sawyer College, New London, NH (US).

The 2016 Cellular and Molecular Fungal Biology GRC will encompass problems in fungal biology across scales. Sessions will traverse the topics of biophysics governing single molecules up to how multi-species fungal communities are structured. The topics of the meeting include diverse areas reflecting the breadth of problems in the field including: Cell dynamics, Environmental sensing, Fungal communities, Evolution, ploidy, and genome dynamics, Biophysics and mathematical modeling, Responding to stress, and Interacting with hosts. The sessions will be held in the morning and evenings, with poster sessions and time for informal interactions in the afternoons and after the evening session. The ample unstructured time for engaging participants and highly interactive fungal community make this an excellent conference for young scientists to interact with established group leaders. The setting of the Holderness School is a tranquil and intimate site in New England that fosters thoughtful conversation and enables interactions amongst all participants.

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