Guided-Pairing Adoptive Cell Therapy

Immures is a start-up focused on Guided-Pairing Adoptive Cell Therapy (GP-ACT) for tumors and infectious diseases. The company, owned 95% by IRBM, is proprietary of a potentially disruptive technology under development, developed by the National Research Council of Italy (CNR), aimed to improve safety and efficacy of TCR-mediated gene therapy by the suppression of the mispairing effect occurring between transgene and endogenous TCRs. The formation of mispaired TCRs can affect the efficacy of the genetically modified T cells or determine autoimmune damages when they are transferred into the patients. The GP-ACT methodology is protected by an international patent application.

IRBM as the holder of the Intellectual Property Rights relating to the Guided TCR Pairing technology and by virute of its size and business model relies on technical/commercial collaborations with larger Pharmaceutical companies for full development activities.