Former Merck “Center of Excellence for Peptide Therapeutics” with a track record of peptides in the clinics, the peptide chemistry group at IRBM is a world-class center for the development of peptide therapeutics. The team has extensive experience in different therapeutic areas including antivirals, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. An integrated platform of different expertise areas is available to support peptide discovery at IRBM Science Park. The team has a strong know-how in target validation/identification and lead optimization. The hit to lead process proceeds by peptide engineering and design through multi-parameters optimization for activity, efficacy, selectivity, taking advantage of a large collection of non-natural amino acids (commercial or ad hoc synthesized), and using peptide-mimetic chemical approaches, backbone modifications, macrocyclic stabilization and orthogonal conjugation chemistries. Pharmacokinetics profiles are optimized by modification of peptide structures for overcoming rapid metabolism and disposition due to enzymatic degradation and renal clearance.

We are focused on drug discovery programs for:

  • Protein-protein interactions
  • GPCRs class B
  • GPCRs class A
  • Ion channel receptors

The peptide chemistry team has also a strong background in synthetic capabilities providing peptide tools for basic research.