The DMPK team uses state of the art tools to support the selection of compounds with appropriate absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion properties for further development as drug candidates.

We have large experience in quantitative and qualitative analyses on small molecules, peptides and proteins in biological fluids and tissues. Our operations are supported by integrated and automated sample processing and analysis platforms.

With a state of the art mass spectrometric equipment (LC-MS/MS including SCIEX API 4000, API 5000 & API 6500+ QTRAP®, Orbitrap™ Q Exactive™ TSQ-AM, UPLC-QTOF), IRBM is your one-stop-shop for an extensive range of in vitro and in vivo studies in preclinical species and in vitro studies in human preparations to fully profile compound candidates. Major attention is given to eliminate from further development compounds that are potentially toxic.