At IRBM, the Screening Technologies Group utilizes advanced assay automation technology and cell imaging techniques to determine the potency, selectivity and mechanism of action of molecules on discovery targets, to support structure activity relationship studies and to facilitate the development of high throughput screening assays.

The group has expertise in diverse scientific areas, including biochemistry, molecular pharmacology, and molecular genetics. Cutting edge technologies are employed to facilitate the understanding of patho-physiological mechanisms and to select drugs with appropriate potency, selectivity and tolerability profiles.

Based on customers’ requirements, we will develop a customized proposal to ensure we meet your objectives. We can provide stand-alone services as well as all-inclusive screen to hit package. We have extensive expertise in HTS campaigns and we can provide screening services of our compound collection or your proprietary corporate collection. We adopt a rigorous quality approach and standard operating procedures including the usage of a proprietary LIMS for: Assay Design and Development; HTS: assay optimization, miniaturization, automation, screening, hit confirmation; Cell Imaging, High Content Screening and Lab Automation and LIMS Support.

The repository for the storage of compounds is an integral part of a robotic station, which also includes the automated and dynamic management of our entire collection. At IRBM we have a ready-to-go screening copy of our internal collection in 384 and 1536 plate format. This automated system is capable of storing compounds in a variety of formats, from microtubes and test tubes to microplates. The collection is stored at a temperature of -20°C in a controlled environment in order to safeguard the integrity and characteristics of these molecules. The present capacity of the repository is of approximately 200,000 single molecules, and can be incremented to store up to 500,000.